Listing Appraisal

The listing appraisal is a current market value appraisal; however, it heavily reports on the recent and current market and the underpinnings for the future. It supplies everything a listing agent or buying agent needs to know to list or sell a property. Appraisals Hub provides and supports the listing or buying agent with the appraisal report and market analysis required to list or buy the property. We are a full-service valuation company servicing the needs of Real Estate agents.

Effective date: The effective date of a listing appraisal is typically the date of inspection. It is a current valuation.

Current and recent market: The appraisal explains the inventory, the demand, the days on the market (DOM), the months of available housing, etc. The appraisal presents the associated statistics and, if available, some graphs explaining each market aspect. Is the market going up or down? If so, what percentage? How fast or slow? Why is it imbalanced?